Being A Technology For Living Member

Our commitment to you

Your needs and your feedback will guide the services we provide to you. We will listen, use the expertise and creativity of our staff to support you, and provide physical resources, such as equipment and supplies. We will do our best to respond to your calls or emails as quickly as possible, and provide excellent service and support.

Your responsibilities

There are important things you can do to help us serve you better and use our limited staff time and resources wisely. Thank you for reading this section carefully.

Give us as much notice as possible, if you need to order services or supplies. Keep 3 months of supplies on hand, so you can reduce the number of orders we need to process.

If you’re calling us with a question, take a minute to remember if you have other questions. We could help you with a few issues at once! Understand Our Limited Resources. We have limitations on both our financial resources and our staff time. We would love to be able to meet everyone’s requests and needs, at all times. However, it’s just not possible.

If your need is not of an urgent nature for example, we may take longer to respond to you. Sometimes this means we will say “No.” For example, home visits use a lot of our resources, especially if you live outside the lower mainland. We may not be able to come to your home as often as you would like. We will, however, help through phone support if that’s feasible.

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