Technology For Living

Working with people with all levels of disabilities



Education, equipment and therapy for people living with neuromuscular disorder or chest wall restriction.



Environmental control systems that assist people with physical disabilities to control devices in their homes and on the go.


Technology For Living peers listening to each other’s concerns, sharing information, respecting opinions, and show compassion.

Independent Living

Technology for Living works with people who have severe physical disabilities and helps them to live as well and as independently as possible.

Your needs and your feedback will guide the services we provide to you. We will listen, use the expertise and creativity of our staff to support you, and provide physical resources, such as equipment and supplies. We will do our best to respond to your calls or emails as quickly as possible, and provide excellent service and support.

Once you have become a member of Technology For Living, we can assist by: attending discharge planning meetings, working with your care team, assessing your equipment needs, connecting you with a Technology For Living peer who knows about the discharge process, and doing in-home assessments to set up your technological needs.

If you are living in a care or rehabilitation facility, and want to move into the community, the discharge process can be very challenging. Technology for Living can work with you to facilitate your transition to living in the community.

About Us

At Technology for Living, we will strive to provide assistive devices and supports for you–our clients with disabilities–so you can achieve your goals and have the opportunity to participate fully in life. We believe that you have the right to self-determination. Within our services and programs, this means that we will give you every opportunity to make decisions about what you need and do our best to meet those needs.We will continue to design our programs and services to maintain flexibility and adapt to your changing needs and to changes in technology.

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Tools & Support

At Technology For Living we work with our clients to identify and develop resources they need to live independently, safely and well.

People living in the community in BC, who meet certain medical criteria and require assisted ventilation, may qualify to receive services for the Provincial Respiratory Outreach Program (PROP). Here are some links about the program.

Environmental Control Systems (ECS) allow people with severe physical disabilities to control devices in their homes, such as: telephones, light switches and electrical outlets, heating and security systems, door entry and access, and entertainment systems. The resources below introduce the Technology for Independent Living Program.

Meet Our Team

Ruth Marzetti

Executive Director

Richard Bing

Office Administrator

Patrick Cho

Respiratory Therapist

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