We work with people with physical disabilities

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Education, equipment and therapy for people living with neuromuscular disorder or chest wall restriction.



Environmental control systems that assist people with physical disabilities to control devices in their homes and on the go.


Our Peers know about independence, challenges and the rewards of directing their daily lives. Come be a part of what we know!

We provide assistive devices and supports for clients with physical disabilities – so you can achieve your goals and have the opportunity to participate fully in life.

You make the final decisions about what you need, and we do our best to meet those needs for you.

We continue to design our programs and services and adapt to changing needs and to changes in technology.

The Technology for Living 2021 Simon Cox Student Design Competition

The Balance Newsletter is published quarterly by Technology for Living.

The Technology for Living 2021 Simon Cox Student Design Competition

The Balance Newsletter is published quarterly by Technology for Living.

COVID-19 Notice | January 12, 2021

A Message from Technology for Living, PROP (Provincial Respiratory Outreach Program) and TIL (Technology for Independent Living)

Essential PROP Services

Our respiratory program remains active. We are continuing to operate the 24/7 PROP phone line and are available to take calls concerning your respiratory service needs. Our respiratory therapists will be continuing to make home visits as needed. Staff conducting home visits are symptom free. Visiting staff will be washing their hands and putting on personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect you. We will continue to ship essential equipment to our members to support you at home.

Non-essential Services

Our staff will continue to answer our PROP and TIL phone lines and will be available to respond to enquiries. TIL services will be in operation during this time, our TIL staff will be reaching out to you to find out if you have everything you need. If you are in distancing yourself from social contact, our biomeds can help you using Zoom video conferencing and have a face to face meeting with you.

We are asking our staff, program participants, caregivers to contact:

  • the PROP office for essential services and essential equipment
  • the TIL office to request essential equipment and set-ups

Please follow guidelines to limit the spread of the virus, including reducing social interactions, washing hands, and wearing masks, or visors etc.

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