SCSDC 2020

The Technology for Living 2020 Simon Cox Student Design Competition is Cancelled

It is  with great disappointment that we have decided to cancel this year’s Simon Cox Student Design Competition…
Nancy Lear

In the age of COVID-19 there is much support!

By Nancy Lear   There’s a deluge of media coverage on COVID-19. It’s impossible to go a minute without…

COVID-19 Update

 Date: 16 March 2020   Technology for Living is closely watching the updates on the COVID-19 developments. …
Simon Cox Competition

Simon Cox Student Design Competition Awards 2020

The Technology for Independent Living (TIL) program, housed by Technology for Living, has a long history of successes,…

All I want for Christmas is a TIL control

Yes, I said that, and my friends responded with a chuckle. I meant it with a note of humor but underlying that…
Vancouver Skytrain strike disabilities

One Transit User’s Opinion

One particular segment of the population that utterly relies on public transit are people living with disabilities.…
SCSDC 2020

The 2020 Simon Cox Student Design Competition

Technology for Living is proud to announce the 6th annual Simon Cox Student Design Competition! Learn more.
Voting in Canada

The Right (and the Responsibility) to Vote: A Member’s Opinion

Arjo is a member of BCITS.  Here’s an article from Arjo voicing his opinion on our responsibility as voters.…
christine gordon

Technology For Living Rebrand

What's in a name? Shakespeare’s Juliet argued “that which we call a rose by any other…

VitalAire Respiratory Home Care Award

Esther Khor, manager of the Provincial Respiratory Outreach Program (PROP), was honored to receive the much coveted…
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